Mari El

mari el fursMari El brand focusing on the Russian market since 1992 and specializes in making fur cloting from exclusive sable fur, martens and lynx. MariEl brand puts the classic traditions of furrier craft, the use of the best raw materials and pays much attention to fine handmade work, confirming that each product is unique.

MariEl offers traditional fur products and products of exclusive design, made in combination with leather, textiles and other materials. The closely follow the latest fashion trends and are ready to realize any of your dreams. Whether it's a long, elegant coat wrapping you in warm fluffy fur, or a shortened model that does not restrain movements and only emphasizes your activity.

MariEl produces seasonal collections, which, in addition to coats, presented the coat of premium Italian cashmere and wool with fur trim, accessories and bags made of sable and marten. MariEl also performs tailoring of fur products of any complexity.

The production of luxury goods requires a special attitude to all the subtleties, details to the materials. Buyers from all over the world purchase the most prestigious furs of selected suppliers of fur auctions, and dressing and painting proccess is carried out in the best factories using patented technology using the newest processing methods.

At the moment the company is included in the top-list of the leading Russian manufacturers of elite fur products.

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